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Beginner Program - 50/50 (10% Discount) Registration


Development Team – 10% off Paid 50/50

Registration Fee: $200

Uniform Kit: 1 Practice Set

2 payments of : One for $740 + another final payment of $540.

Pay Now (Registration Fee + 1 Payment with 10% Discount) = $740

Pending Payment (Jan 1st 2022) = $540


Beginner Program:

The main objective is to introduce the primary soccer rules to each child, in order to develop basic and technical skills, such as attitude, discipline, teamwork, and fairness in a fun and enjoyable environment. 

Club Fee: $1,200 per season

Registration Fee: $200

Registration includes:
Field usage fees
Uniform kit (1 practice set)

Team Fees (Not included in registration):
Tournament entry fees
Referee fees

Practice: (2) practices a week. Practice duration. 1 hour.

– Champions Florida
Tuesdays & Thursdays 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm

Beginner Program - 50/50 (10% Discount) Registration

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